Dr. Nabil Shalaby SMEs Capacity Building Advisor

Dr. Shalaby is an advisor to Catalyst Group on matters related to SME Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship. He is the Founder and Chairman at the Arab Entrepreneur House (ARENHO), Ex-Board Member at the Middle East Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (MCSBE), an Affiliate of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Co-Founder at Delta Technopreneurs Association, Board Member at Science Age Society and Ex-Adviser to the Small Industries Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

He is the author of 26 books, and more than forty research papers pertained to SMEs development, ICT, business and technology incubators, microfinance, and productive families including the major Arabic book "Start Your Own Business, No Hesitation", (Six editions), which is the present curriculum of entrepreneurship at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Book: Golden Ideas of the Best Arab Companies and an English book for InnovEgypt initiative. He “Egyptianized” 10 books on entrepreneurship to the International Labor Organization (ILO), and executed TOT for university professors on teaching entrepreneurship

He has more than twenty five years' experience on fostering entrepreneurship, SMEs Development and capacity-building programs. His expertise ranges from on-the-ground experience as a SMEs development consultant at the Canadian small and medium enterprises support project, funded by CIDA to serving as the Director of Mansoura University Technology Incubator in Egypt, and a regional expert, helping Arab Gulf countries to establish small business centers, incubators and foster entrepreneurship on a macro level.
His works include teaching entrepreneurship to the Arab youth, providing thousands of consultations to startup entrepreneurs and existing SMEs, designing the first technology incubator in Saudi Arabia, awards for the best performance SMEs, and diagnosis software for manufacturing SMEs. He implemented TEN different entrepreneurship development training modules for young Arab males and females. He has received recognition and awards from multiple countries and notably was chosen to participate at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington D.C. He was selected by OECD as a member in the MENA-OECD Enterprise Financing Network. He is a chosen member at Global Knowledge Leadership Map by Entovation, USA, A judge for startups competitions of Google, ASTF, and SEED.

Presently, he works at Misr Engineering & Technology Academy (MET), teaching "Project Management" to communication engineers and "Production Engineering" to preparatory year' students. He is also a lecturer at Mansoura faculty of engineering, biomedical and Mechatronics programs, teaching "Marketing for Engineers", “Hi-Tech Project Management” and "Presentation & Pitching Skills" curricula. He writes periodical articles for Al-Ahram magazine, Loghat Al-Asr, Al-Akhbar & Al-Watan newspapers and the international magazine; "Entrepreneur" on entrepreneurship, SMEs development, and youth inspirational topics.

Dr. Shalaby holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Mansoura University, Egypt.