Nazih Hisham Al-Naser Vice Chairman

Nazih Hisham Al-Naser is Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst Group. Nazih has a proven executive management track record with over 23 years of experience focusing on Islamic Financial Institutions, Advisory Services, Small-to-Medium Enterprise Development and Real Estate. Nazih also holds the position of Director acting in the capacity of Advisor to the CEO of Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (“ICD”). His responsibilities at the ICD have included various assignments including fund raising, fund initiation and advisory, and technical assistance to enhance the performance of ICD investee companies.

While Head of Business Consulting Services in ICD, Nazih led several strategic programs such as the Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI) Development Program, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)Development Program, the Sukuk Development Programs, and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Development Program. His leadership role in the mentioned programs resulted in several new initiatives such as a new Islamic banking windows in Tunis and Cameroon, initiated conversion program of a conventional bank in Kazakhstan to an Islamic bank, the development of two Islamic SMEs Funds (one 1 billion SAR fund in Saudi Arabia and a 50 Mn USD in Tunis), initiated Sukuk programs in Mauritania & Jordan, and initiated two Special Economic Zone projects in Mauritania and Yemen.

Nazih’s domain expertise also includes matters related to corporate support, strategy and business transformations. In line with this expertise, he has been involved new venture opportunities from concept stage through formation stage. His direct involvement has led to the establishment of new banks in Mauritania, and Maldives. In addition, he has been involved in the establishment and set-up of Ewan Global, Catalyst Group, Ijara Management Company (IMC), and Anfaal Capital in Saudi Arabia. He currently serves as a board member to Catalyst Group, Anfaal Capital, and Afaq SME Fund, and used to be a board member of Ewaan Global and Chairman of IMC.

Previously, Nazih was CEO of RN Smart Solution (“RNSS”) domiciled in Canada.  RNSS was established to develop and attract investment opportunities to Canada from international investors. He also served as Executive Manager of ICD Business Development and initiated several strategic projects or acted as a project leader in Mauritania, Tunis, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burnie, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia.

Nazih holds a M.Sc. in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School, Masters in Business Administration from Sheffield Business School, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He also holds several professional certifications and designations such as Certified Private Equity Specialist, Chartered Director from IOD, Certified Islamic Financial Professional from INCIEF, and is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority of Saudi Arabia. Also, attended several specialized training in SMEs, Coaching, Leader Development, HRM, Project Management, Cooperate Governance, Financial analysis, and psychometric analysis from reputable institutions such as London Business School, Euro money, Moody, World Bank, and SHRM.