Financial Platforms

CGI builds and launches innovative Shari'ah compliant financial platforms for local markets. Our track record ranges across home finance, construction finance, government funding programs and SME specialty finance.

Residential and commercial mortgage platform development

Residential and commercial mortgage platform development
Focusing on customization and localization, CGI leverages international best practices while working with both existing financial institutions and Greenfield projects to develop robust, primary market mortgage finance and services platforms. CGI offers more than blueprints. We bring a practical and entrepreneurial approach that spans the complete range of mortgage platform functions including:
• origination strategies
• product development
• operations
• credit risk management
• technology implementation
• liquidity management
Our platform development and management capabilities emanate from a group of seasoned industry practitioners with the unique experience of having established, launched and operated multiple specialty finance platforms.

Accomplishments of CGI team members include:

• Spearheading the launch of a SAR 900 million Shari'ah compliant national real estate finance platform in Saudi Arabia, sponsored by the Public Investment Fund of the Ministry of Finance and ICD.
• Set up of the first national Islamic home financing platform in the United States where members of CGI management oversaw $500 million in origination on a platform which has gone on to originate over $2 billion.
• Launch of the first national Shari’ah compliant commercial real estate financing company in the United States.
• Helped found the largest home Shari'ah compliant financing firm in the United Arab Emirates.
While mortgage/home finance programs provide purchasing power to end users, a critical component remains – supply. To address this market gap CGI structures and builds platforms to channel investment and finance to housing developers, enhancing their capacity to create supply for the market. Within the area of construction and development finance we combine our real estate expertise with our passion for SMEs to direct capital to small and medium size developers, facilitating their growth and expansion. More uniquely, CGI’s construction finance programs draw on the expertise of our Development Management Services to create programs that not only mitigate business and financial risk, but also are designed to address the risks associated with real estate developments.

Our construction finance vertical includes:

• product development and structuring
• developer linked programs
• operations development
• credit risk management
• construction risk management
• technology implementation

Notably, CGI has led the concept development, market feasibility and launch of a unique developer finance platform for Saudi Arabia targeting small and medium housing developers across the Kingdom. Similar platforms are in development for other GCC markets.

Debt Capital

CGI understands that the capital needs of SMEs vary widely depending on their stage of development, sector specialization, and national context. CGI’s practitioners use pioneering approaches while working with financial institutions and governments to create localized SME debt finance programs including:
• Stand alone direct lending platforms
• Government backed credit guarantee programs
• Dedicated SME-focused bank platforms

Equity Capital

Working in cooperation with governments, corporations, and investment fund managers CGI develops equity funding programs designed to address the specific issues of SMEs in developing markets including exit options and sector focuses. Representative activities include:
• establishing government or private grant programs
• creating angel investment channels
• structuring venture capital and private equity funds

Accomplishments of CGI team members include:
• Build and launch of the largest SME Fund in Saudi Arabia.
• Designing and building the national SME platform for the State of Qatar which will offer a complete set of financing (debt and equity), business services, and training and development programs to support the country’s growing SME sector.
• Launching the first Shari’ah compliant commercial real estate financing company focused on small and medium enterprise (SME) customers in the United States.
• Establishing a USD 250 million preferred equity fund for SMEs in the UAE.
• Creation of a USD 500 million MENA region Shari’ah compliant equity and debt fund for the SME sector.
• Setting the SME strategy for, and management of the growth of, the leading SME bank in the UAE.
• Providing thought leadership on SMEs and entrepreneurship to several international organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, the Aga Khan Rural Support Program, UN-APCTT, and the ILO.
• Publishing widely as authorities on SMEs and entrepreneurial development.